One Four Media


Accessibility. Customization.Time.

Founded by Brooke Furtick, in 2008, One Four Media is a traditional, multi-media buying agency based out of Boston, MA. We work with clients both locally and nationally to develop campaign objectives, identify target markets, and book advertising campaigns. The success of your campaign and client satisfaction are our top priorities.  We are committed to working closely with our clients and vendors to ensure your greatest visibility, while maximizing your budget.

At One Four Media, our mission is simple, "be indispensable to our clients."


Types of Campaigns


Educate and remind consumers about a particular interest that you seek to address.


Develop and strength the positive image of your brand.


Raise awareness and change public attitude and behaviors towards a social issue.


Entice consumers to take an immediate action by calling a business or going to a website.


Bring awareness to a certain problem, sponsored by issue advocacy groups or special interest groups.


Reach of campaigns

Focus on what your business does, and we will focus on making sure your message is seen and heard. We take the time to get to know our clients and form strong, lasting relationships, which coupled with our industry knowledge and experience position us to produce the best results possible.

The markets we reach are as diverse as the clients we serve. We don't limit our client base by catering to a niche industry; rather we seek to offer advertising strategies across multiple markets and platforms. We believe everyone can advertise successfully with a strategic marketing plan. Whether you need a single market or multi-market campaign, we are excited to tailor each campaign to reach your target audience while maximizing your budget.

We have had the privilege of partnering with multi-campus schools, medical practitioners, lawmakers, business franchises, government agencies, auto dealerships, and everything in between. Our team is dedicated to making all campaigns a success and will stop at nothing short of complete customer satisfaction.

Campaign Steps


Let us help you clarify campaign objectives, your target audience, and target markets.


We work with you to finalize a budget that you are comfortable with.


Our experts will create a media plan that will get you maximum exposure for your budget.


We have relationships with the best vendors out there and will do all the leg work of getting your campaign up and running.


Upon completion of your campaign we will analyze and present you with a clear and concise report.