One Four Media

Best Creative Practices

Effective out-of-home advertising begins with a simple & clear display of the message or product. The most impactful designs concisely capture the main idea with articulate communication.

Clear Identification

Ensure brand or product is the central focus of the design.

Concise Copy

Best preforming campaigns have fewer than 10 words – the shorter the words the better

Remember Distance

Out-of-home is often seen from 500 feet away, view your designs at a distance before approval to ensure visibility & legibility

Be Bold

Use bold fonts and large type that are easily visible.


Use contrasting colors or images that pop and draw attention to the message.


Techniques for Text Legibility

Kerning – adequate space between letters, this will ensure clarity of words from a distance.

Stacking – avoid too many lines of text; a singular line conveys a message most efficiently. 

Leading – If more than one text line is necessary, use adequate spacing between lines. Engage with a leading line text that features a bolder or larger font.